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What to do when Quickbook is not responding.

Firstly when you have successfully installed a quick book into your computer but the second problem which occurs sometime is it’s not responding properly, so to solve this major problem after installing a quick book. If the software is kept on crashing then you need to get assistance from Quickbooks tech support for assistance. They will help you to fix your issues.

There are some technical problems which might occur.

  • If the company files the name is destroyed and damaged.
  • If the company name is too long.
  • Corrupted hard drive.
  • Installation problems.
  • Maybe some programming issues.

To solve this problem here is some list to resolve these errors.

● Turn off your system and restart it again, reboot before starting any function then again try to open a QuickBooks file and make it sure that the problems are gone or not. there might be chances of losing data in this step, if after restarting there is a loss of data them immediately contact Quickbook Support for solving the issue.


● Uninstall quick book and try any cleaning tool to remove any viruses, and then again install it. Intuit Support provides the cleaning tool which can be used to remove viruses and malware.

● Use QuickBooks repair tools.

● Here are some steps to recover this problem or you can go to intuit support to know more.

To understand this in detail how to recover this when a quick book is not responding.

1. Here are some tools, QuickBooks install diagnostic tools.

Firstly download this tool and then when the page appears on your screen then save the file and close all the programs which are running can get it from Quickbooks Enterprise Support, they will assist you to download it and run it properly.


Run this tool until the process completed.

2. Delete some cache files to clean it (QBWUSER.INI).

Press “window+E” to start the computer window, and then follow these steps.

● Select the “organize” tab on the top left.

● Click on the “view” tab.

● In advance, settings go to “hidden file and folder” and press ok.

● And then go to my computer

● C: drive

● C: documents and settings

● Local setting.

● Application data

● Intuit

● Quickbooks

And then right click to the file name and delete that.

It has happened many times that your company file has been corrupted for a reset this you need help if some expertise, but you can also try it by yourself if you don’t have any professionals.this might reset your problems.if this doesn’t help then contact Intuit Customer Service for assistance.


Step1 Press “Window+E” to start your computer’s window and then select the company file name which is saved and then copies the whole file.

Step2 Prepare a new folder and then save it as “QBTEST” into c: drive.

Step3 Paste the data into this QBTEST file. and then open it with using the ctrl button.


I hope this will help you to understand the whole procedure if not then you follow the steps which are into this website intuits support.

If you are using Quickbooks desktop and confused about shifting to Quickbooks online or not then you can read the PROS and CONS of QBDT and QBO.


List of some useful tools to recover the problem when it is not responding.


Some tools are paid and some are unpaid.

1.’Stellar repair’.

  • This is the best tool to repair any type of loss of damages.
  • It gives the option to check the whole data before saving it.
  • This software helps to fix the corrupted data.
  • The most important characteristic of this software is it helps us to solve all the main errors which are going into the procedure.

2.’Quickbooks file doctor’

  • It is free software, it extracts all the errors which are going inside.
  • It helps to correct the internal problems like’ file header problems’.

3.” Reboot.bat”

  • This is also a free tool. It helps to register the quick book component again.
  • But the negative part is it can’t solve the data problem for company files.

If you are still facing any issue then you can contact Quickbooks Customer Support for help.

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Hope this article is helpful for you!

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